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Meschi Construction built our dream house!  They actually built the house 2 years before we bought it and without any input from us, but it lives up 100% - especially after we had them come back and extend the deck about 700 sq. ft. Working with Zach & Josh on the deck extension project just confirmed what we had already guessed about their personal commitment, attention to detail, artistry and craftsmanship.  

From the start, we took advantage of their willingness to offer great advice and opinions during the design phase as we scoped out the project before quoting.  And even though their bid for the project came well under the competitions by over 25%, they were still willing and able to help identify smart ways to trim more by tweaking the project for us.  From the start, we found their progress to be very fast, despite weather delays.  The team was on time, worked solidly, cleanly, and always left the work area organized and put away until the next day.  Zach was consistently available to us, offering to check in at either the start of the day or the end to answer our questions, or if he needed confirmation from us about a change or issue.   We even made a fairly large change that required more material and undoing a significant section of completed work and it was met with saint-like patience and zero flack.  It was always clear that our happiness and satisfaction were #1 no matter the size of the detail.  And even if we weren’t the annoying perfectionists we were, I expect that Zach and Josh cared just as much about getting it right as we did and it definitely shows in the end result - our gorgeous back deck.

We are incredibly happy with the work they did and our experience with Meschi Construction was superb in all aspects.  I would recommend them without hesitation for any job, large or small.


Lin P.

Santa Cruz, CA

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